Hello! Thanks for visiting. My name is Frank Okay, though not legally. I’m an illustrator, artist, musician, talk show host, one of the 8 people who use Bing, and one time I died briefly. I’ve been a musician for twenty years, an illustrator for twelve, and a large mass of cells lumbering anxiously around on some dirt for thirty.

I created this site to serve as a portfolio for a number of years, but I felt like it was time to share all the stuff I do. The internet gives us so many opportunities to be vain. I invite you to click around and take a look at my body of work. Maybe you’ll want to hire me. Maybe you’ll want to be pals. Maybe you’ll want to send me chain emails. I just hope you enjoy yourself.

I’ll be updating frequently, adding a blog, and bringing more information in over time. I don’t expect you to look at this every day…or even more than once. But, you know, if you’re interested, more is on the way.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure to check out the My Friends page. It features some of my close friends and favorite creators. Also, it took me way longer to build than any other page on here, so, there’s that too.

Please now enjoy this.