DMA Concepts

The Direct Marketers’ Association has a big conference every year called "&THEN.” While I worked with FreemanXP, we were tasked with showing them potential branding through practical examples. We decided to brand the event with the slogan, “The Science of Creativity.” Here I have displayed the three concepts we pitched to them in the form of, you guessed it, direct marketing.

Concept 1: Watercolor

This first one was the ultimate winner. It was a lot of fun to juxtapose the organic shapes of watercolor wash with the linear “Science” bit. Also considering most attendees were not from Los Angeles, where the event was hosted, we decided to really push the palm tree/sunglasses story. It was a lot of fun to make.


Concept 2: Different Angle

Definitely my favorite, this one went all triangles. That’s it. All triangles. That ampersand was a beast. Funny stuff aside, I was a big fan of the unpredictable nature of these random triangles but only as a graphic element. I do think this design detracts from the messaging and it is pretty clear to me why concept 1 is the winner.


Concept 3: Dream City

Dream City. Here, I tried to take a direction similar to concept 1, this organic looseness with hard, restrictive edges. I made this right around the time the gradient trend was beginning to move into common practice, so I’m not surprised it didn’t fly. But I do really like it.